Presentation of the CEO

Anderson Bertold Fofack Nguefack is a Certified Immigration Consultant and a member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council (R705660).
He is truly passionate about immigration issues and is the ideal resource person , having gone through the entire process from student to Canadian citizen. He has the necessary skills, the global mastery of the Canadian immigration system and a rigorous follow-up of the files. Immigration seen from a new angle awaits you.

Call : +1 (514) 430-1422

Our Mission

Our mission is summarized in our motto Vision-Ambition-Success. We have a vision: to turn your ambitions into success. To achieve this vision, we are committed to follow you in a meticulous and tailor-made way throughout your immigration process and upon your arrival; we will refer you to partner organizations that will facilitate your integration into your new environment.

Our firm :

Eldorado Canada Consulting Visa & Immigration is a company providing Canadian immigration services legally registered in Canada. It is managed by Anderson Bertold Fofack Nguefack, a sworn Canadian Immigration Consultant and member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council. We have extensive knowledge of the immigration process, IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada) administrative tribunals and Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).