Why Canada??

Canada is the land of all opportunities. Every year, close to 500 000 international students decide to study in Canada for as many reasons as the numerous wide spaces that characterise the country which is as diverse as the population and as rich as the possibilities that are offered to those who live, work and study there. Studying in Canada is investing in your future. After all studying in Canada is also giving oneself the opportunity to continue living there in order to work and do business after studies. College and university diplomas obtained in Canada are recognised worldwide despite the fact that tuition fees are less expensive than in other English speaking countries. The vitality of the research environment is also of great advantage

As an international student in Canada, you will have the same rights and freedoms as all Canadians. These include respect for human rights, equality, peace and stability. Here you will feel comfortable and safe.

Your project to study abroad begins here and now.

How to start the process??

The key to any successful venture is planning. So, before you come to Canada as an international student, gather all the information you need to prepare for your new life and make the most of it. To come to Canada as a student you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are enrolled at a designated educational institution (DEI). (EED).
  • Vous êtes respectueux des lois, n’avez aucun casier judiciaire et obtenez un police certificate (if requested).
  • You are in good health and undergo a examen médical (if we ask you to).
  • You can convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires
  • You provide proof that you have the means to pay :
    • your tuition fees;
    • Living expenses for you and your accompanying family members in Canada;
    • return transportation costs for you and your family members who accompanied you to Canada;

How can Eldorado Canada Consulting help you??

Studying in Canada is a well-defined project and once well implemented, leads to a favourable opinion on the Canadian immigration loan. The student visa is the most refused in the Temporary Worker category. This is because it requires careful preparation and monitoring, contrary to common belief.

Do not worry! EC2 is here to turn your project into a success. Indeed, the process to obtain a study permit can be difficult. Our experts, under the guidance of our Canadian Immigration Regulated Consultant, will assist you in all the steps from the selection of the Designated Educational Institution (DEI) to the final submission of your Study Permit application. We have a wide range of partners (universities, colleges) in Canada.